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Economic and Social Empowerment

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

The goal of objective of the program is to empower Persons with Disability and other marginalized population   by designing strategies and activities that increase their skills, capacities, rights, and opportunities. HAARAN Economic Empowerment aims at enabling PWDs to achieve control over factors of production and distribution of income and benefits. It is concerned with enhancing PWD's power to control their own lives and become independent and self-reliant both individually and collectively. 

The program uses various strategies to reach the targeted communities such as:

·         Advocacy which helps to mobilize the community.

·         Sensitization of the community

·         Dissemination of information

·         Capacity building for PWDs to strengthen their participation in the economic and political processes for overall improvement of their lives and;

·         Organization of Disable People Organizations (DPOs) groups to enable them to learn from each other

 The key activities for this project are:

·         Conduct training projects that help to empower PWDs by giving them skills and knowledge such as food processing skills and handicraft skills.

·         Support PWDs groups which involve in development activities by giving them equipment and facilities such as sewing machines, computers among others depending on their needs.

·         To educate and mobilize PWDs on the importance of their participation in devolvement and their rights as human beings. Training in this area is done in collaboration with stakeholders.

·         To collaborate with community based centers in various parts of the country which work to improve opportunities for disadvantaged people including women and girls with disability.

·         To sponsor disadvantaged women and girls with disability to seek and pursue vocational training in institutions.


·         Collaborate with other stakeholders in lobbying for reduced bureaucratic barriers to establishing a business, increased PWD's access to finance