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Our Goal

Project in action


Our Objectives

As an organization we strive to improve the quality of life for oppressed, disadvantaged, and marginalized peoples through the following objectives:

a)    To eradicate illiteracy.

b)   To reduce poverty by improving economic status of individuals through income generation activities.

c)    To improve health status of communities through health education, environmental cleanliness, and increasing access to primary health and Community Based Rehabilitation centers for the disable persons.

d)   To organize our beneficiary into self-help groups and develop their leadership qualities to facilitate making decisions at personal and social levels.

e)    To train on the habit of prudence (savings) and credit among target groups.

f)    To promote disability rights, inclusion and gender equality.

g)    Disaster Risk Reduction, Provide Timely Relief Assistance to Disaster Affected Communities and Assist them for their Timely Rehabilitation and Early Recovery

h)   Promotion of Education with Special Focus on Inclusive Education

i)     Promote Environment Protection and Address Climate Change Issues

j)    Support Development of Disable People Organization (DPOs) and Institutional Development.